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Forrest Williams are Criminal Defence Solicitors with offices in Birmingham, London, Sheffield and Mansfield. We represent clients in every court throughout England and Wales.


Unlike most Criminal Defence Solicitors firms we are not a Legal Aid practice. We have taken the conscious decision not to undertake any Legal Aid work. We aim to represent clients for whom their case is of paramount importance and who do not want the restrictions of a government appointed Criminal Defence Solicitor handling their case.


We are aware of the limitations of Legal Aid. Our clients typically do not want the Government and Courts making the decision as to what type of barrister can work on the case, how much work is appropriate or whether an expert should be appointed.


Our clients want to trust those decisions to those who know and care the most, the client and the lawyer. Our clients are prepared to pay for the best representation possible, knowing that in return we will do all that we can to get the best outcome for them.


Legal Aid lawyers are typically paid a very low rate. We believe that you get what you pay for and for those that want a bespoke service we aim to offer the best.


We only take on cases we believe in. We offer 100% support to all of our clients but we choose them carefully.


We understand that this is a very stressful time for you if you are facing a criminal charge, we realise that the result is just one part of the service. You will be treated with respect and  understanding. We will go through your case in great detail and ensure every possible angle is covered.


 After some considerable wait, we’ve had a response from the Police. They have considered P’s request regarding prosecution, and have decided to take no further action in respect of this matter. Your advice worked, and we’re very grateful that you took the time to give it.


We are supported by a hand picked team of specialist Barristers around the country. They all share our client care ethos; not only are they first class advocates but they will handle you with the same level of service you expect from us. We have a range of barristers to suit your case and your budget from fiery juniors to well known QC’s.



This may well be your first time in the criminal justice system, we appreciate how important confidentiality is to you. You will not see a list of our clients, your case will not be used as a marketing exercise by us.



I would just like to say a very big thank you for taking on my case. You cannot begin to imagine how relieved I am that it is over without going to court.  I am so pleased that this incident is over and I believe that if we had not contacted you we would never have had this result.


We know that it may be hard to discuss this at work, we can speak to you in the evenings, early mornings or weekends whichever suits you. We believe that we should be here when it suits you not the other way around.



We can connect with you via phone, email or even text. We know your needs will change and you will want to know you can contact us whenever you need to.



One of the scariest things about being charged with a criminal matter is that no one listens to your side of the story, whether it is protesting your innocence or explaining how you made a mistake. Our whole method of preparing cases is different to most criminal defence solicitor’s. It is based upon a client centred approach, we ensure that the court hear your side of the story. You are never a number to us, you will be given bespoke personal service throughout and we will do everything to ensure that your side of the story is heard.




We understand that there is a balance between getting great service and the costs. We know that you will not have budgeted for this. We are able to offer a variety of options for payment. We can bill on a monthly ‘pay as you go’ basis or can agree a fixed fee basis up front for you.



If you are facing any criminal charge and have spoken to a Legal Aid Lawyer call us, we are sure you will be amazed by the difference in the service you will receive.


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