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Confiscation and Proceeds of Crime Solicitors


If you have been convicted of a crime that can lead to confiscation you need expert Confiscation/Proceeds of Crime (POCA) Solicitors.


You may have had Legal Aid solicitors for your trial and hoped it would be OK. But now you have lost and the prosecution are saying you have a criminal lifestyle. They want to confiscate not just the money they say you made as a result of the crime but want to investigate all the money and assets you have.


In certain offences the prosecution can say that your wealth has come from a criminal lifestyle and apply to the court to confiscate assets you own. This can include your home, cars, and bank accounts. If you do not have the funds to pay it then you can be sent to prison in default of payment and still owe the money.


In confiscation proceedings it is your duty to prove that the assets and money you own did not come from criminal activity. The prosecution will go through your assets in great detail and will look to confiscate any unexplained income or assets.


You need expert confiscation or Proceeds of Crime solicitors.


We work with the best barristers in the business who are tough and thorough and will fight your corner every inch of the way to keep every pound you have honestly earned.


We will meet with you in our Midlands or London offices and give you an initial assessment of your case and if we decide to take your case on we will give you a guaranteed fixed fee. We are an award winning specialist private criminal firm rated in the top 3 in our area. We do not do Legal Aid and we are not allowed to work on a no win no fee basis.


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