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Credit Card Fraud Solicitors



There are a variety of credit card frauds from the very basic to the extremely complicated. It can range from a straight forward theft and use of card to purchase items up to a large scale operation involving large numbers of cards. Larger operations may involve changing the credit card machine which would allow people to skim the cards details and then set up a replica card. This is known as skimming and duplicating


You may have been accused of an internet scam known as phishing. The allegation is that emails are sent out to obtain card details, sometimes by pretending to offer a reward or cash to help with a difficult situation such as getting money out of a war ton country.


The Law relating to these offences are covered in the Fraud Act.


Using a stolen or duplicate card can be prosecuted under s. 2 of the Fraud Act which is essentially false representation, ie representing that you have the authority to use the card.


The cards do not have to be used for it to be an offence, simply possessing fake credit cards, machines to skim card details, and even credit card details recorded on paper or on a computer is an offence under the s. 6  of the Fraud Act. If you have purchased services with a fake card you may also be charged under s. 11 of the Fraud Act (Obtaining Services Dishonestly).




The prosecution have to prove that you were dishonest. Sometimes identity can be an issue. There may be a large amount of documentation alleging numerous allegations. It is important to analyse these in minute detail to identify any defences. Every case is different and whilst not all cases have a defence we will work with you to identify any potential defences.




This will depend on the amount of money involved and  your alleged role in the matter. The court will also look at how sophisticated the fraud was, how long the fraud went on for, how many victims there were and whether any were vulnerable victims. Most cases involving sums above £10,000 will involve a prison sentence. 




We would use a detailed strategy to defend you in these matters, we are non judgmental and are always on your side. Always remember that the Prosecution have to prove every element of the offence and we will look in detail to see whether, indeed they can prove every element of the offence. You may have been charged on the basis of phone evidence, alleging that you are linked to the offence. We will ensure that the prosecution can prove your link, if not then the case will be thrown out.It may be that you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.


If a conviction is unavoidable we will look to see what the level of your involvement was and make sure that the court understand if you have a limited involvement and sentence accordingly.


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