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There are lots of different types of share dealing fraud. We have listed some of the more common ones below. If you face one of these charges it is important that you talk to a Share Dealing Fraud Solicitor and obtain advice as to what you should do.


We understand that it is very stressful to be facing one of these charges. Most of our clients have never been in trouble with the police before and we understand that you may need to be talked through each stage of the proceedings and re assured throughout. We will provide you with excellent personal client care throughout.


Boiler Room Fraud,


Boiler room scams are where it is alleged that you have offered investors overpriced, worthless or non existant shares.


It is normally alleged that high returns have been guaranteed and or threats were involved


Unlicensed Share Selling


In order to deal in shares you must be licenced unauthorised share dealing can result in a prison sentence of up to two years.


Insider Trading


Inside information is information which has been obtained by a person from an inside source. There are 2 sorts of insider dealing, tipping and dealing.


Inside information relates to particular securities or a particular issuer of securities: it must be information that has not been made public, and be specific and precise.


The publishing of the information must be capable of significantly affecting the price of the security.


Tipping is where someone has inside information and encourages someone else to deal in the securities or discloses the information outside the course of their employment.


Dealing is where a person who has inside information buys or sells securities.


It is a defence to show that you did not expect a profit to occur as a result of the information being price sensitive or that the information did not affect the persons decision to engage in the dealing.



If you are facing any of these charges call us on 01623 397200 for an honest initial assessment of your case.