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Being Investigated For A Historic Sexual Offence? 

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Historic Sexual Offences Defence Solicitors


If you are being investigated for a historic sexual offence, you will be aware that this could progress into a very serious matter with a very real risk of a custodial sentence being imposed.


It is vital that you seek expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity and, if possible, before a formal charge is laid against you. Forrest Williams are specialist defence solicitors. We are very experienced in this area of law and would be happy to offer you a free initial 30 minute telephone consultation to discuss your case.


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Historic sexual offences generally refer to any sex offences committed before 1 May 2004. They are categorised separately as they are dealt with by legislation dating back to 1957 instead of current matters which are dealt with by the Sexual Offences Act 2003.


If you are found guilty of a historic sexual offence, you will be sentenced in accordance with sentencing guidelines in effect as at the date of sentencing, with the sentence limited to the maximum sentence available at the date of the offence. If the maximum sentence has since been reduced, the lower maximum will apply.


The time between the offence and the charge being laid can be an aggravating factor and the circumstances which brought the offence to light must also be considered.


If you are found guilty of a historic sexual offence, you should be given the opportunity to have a pre-sentence report prepared, regardless of your criminal record.


There are specific historic sexual offences, all with their own specific guidance and considerations to be taken into account.  These are all detailed in the pages below:



It is vital that you seek expert advice at the earliest opportunity.  Call our expert team now on 01623 600645.