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Want to appeal a rape conviction?


Rape is an awful crime and for that reason it is important that only the guilty are punished. 


We see many cases that have been dealt with on a Legal Aid basis that have resulted in an unfair conviction. This leaves families devastated and feeling very let down by the criminal justice system.


We offer a bespoke service to review a conviction and advise as to whether there are grounds for appeal against a rape conviction.


The grounds might include an unfair trial or additional evidence coming to light.


We will obtain the original file, get a copy of the trial transcript and then go through it with a trained eye. We have a team of dedicated lawyers as well as a team of investigating officers who will work with us on appropriate cases.


We realise that it is not just the person convicted that suffers from a miscarriage of justice, we know that your family will find it difficult too. We will work with them, meet up with them and offer support throughout the process.


If you would like us to look at a conviction to see whether there are any grounds to appeal contact us now.



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