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Julia Coffin of Forrest Williams

Julia Coffin of Forrest Williams


Criminal Damage Solicitors


Criminal damage cases involve damage to property and are mainly legislated for in the Criminal Damage Act 1971.


The Act, however, does not define what ‘damage’ is, and this is for the Court to interpret.  Damage doesn’t, however, have to be permanent or even visible.


If the damage is caused by fire, you should be charged with arson and must be aware that the case can be sent to the Crown Court, no matter how minor the damage may be.


Criminal damage cases are usually dealt with the in the magistrates court but can be sent to the Crown Court if the damage done exceeds £5,000 and aggravating factors are present, such as a racial motive.


If you are convicted of this offence, you could be at risk of sentences ranging from a fine, community order or a custodial sentence.


It is, therefore, vital that expert advice is sought if you are charged with criminal damage.


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