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There are a huge variety of types of theft charges, from Theft from a Shop, Theft from an Employer, Handling Stolen Goods, Taking a Vehicle Without Owners Consent (TWOC), Robbery, Burglary as well as more complex matter involves businesses.



Whilst every case is different they all follow a similar basis. Essentially in all of these matters the Crown Prosecution Service have to prove dishonesty. This is not as straight forward as it sounds, they have to show that firstly, according to the ordinary standards of reasonable and honest people, was what was done dishonest and then secondly if it was dishonest by those standards, did the defendant realise that reasonable and honest people would regard the conduct as dishonest? This is a test that was laid down in 1982 and is still relevant today.



It can be a very complex area but we are very experienced in dealing with these matters. We will look at the case in great detail and will advise you whether there is a defence or failing that we can prepare a full and personal mitigation to persuade the court to treat the matter with leniency.



People charged with theft face a variety of sentences, from a conditional discharge for the very minor up to a lengthy prison sentence for the most serious matters. Some cases involved very little evidence, others involve masses of evidence. As specialist Criminal Defence lawyers we can deal with every time of theft matter. We are supported by a team of hand picked barristers up and down the country. These range from junior barristers up to well known QC’s. We will discuss with you the type of barrister to suit your case and budget.



We don’t do Legal Aid, we are not prepared to compromise our clients defence by being dictated by the government on how much time we should spend on a case and which barristers we can instruct to defend you.



If you have been charged with a theft matter call us now to discuss your case, we offer a free initial call to see how we can help you. 



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