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Youth Court Solicitors


Do you need youth court solicitors?


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Forrest Williams are specialist youth court solicitors, helping youths aged 10-17 in all types of criminal proceedings nationwide.


The youth court is part of the magistrates’ court system, dealing with cases against children and young defendants between the ages of 10 and 17.  Our criminal justice system presumes that children under 10 cannot be guilty of any offence.


The court process is relaxed in some ways in the youth court to allow for the ages of the defendants appearing there.  A youth court has either a bench of three magistrates or a single District Judge.  There are no juries in the youth court.  Defendants are referred to using their first names, not surnames.  These steps are taken to encourage the young defendants to feel relaxed with the proceedings, but ultimately this remains a formal legal setting and it is still an intimidating experience for most youths and their families.


The defendant’s parent or guardian must also attend if the defendant is under 16, or is aged 16-17 and the parent or guardian is given a court order.  The youth court will often want to allow parents to address the court and be involved in the hearing.


As specialist youth court solicitors, we are well aware of how intimidating the legal system can feel for a young defendant and their family, especially when you have no previous encounters with the legal system and do not know what will happen.


It is especially important in the youth court that attention is given as to whether the young person charged with an offence has intellectual capacity to be part of the criminal proceedings.  If your young relative is facing youth proceedings and is a vulnerable child due to learning difficulties or special needs, it is vitally important that this be taken into account and our specialist youth court solicitors can ensure that this happens.


Legal Aid is available for some cases in the youth court, but we do not provide this service.  We are a specialist team of youth court solicitors who offer a bespoke service for each individual client.  If your case is too important to risk, get the experts on side.


If you or, more likely, a loved one of yours – perhaps your son or daughter – is being investigated for an offence or charged with an offence while aged between 10 and 17, call our expert team of youth court solicitors now.  We are here to help.  Call us on 0800 1933 999.