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Forrest Williams are a leading firm of Criminal Appeals Solicitors.


Is a member of your family serving a prison sentence for a crime they did not commit? Were you let down by a Legal Aid Lawyer? Are you looking for a criminal appeals solicitor?


Our criminal Justice system used to be the envy of the world. Over time defendants protection has been reduced and mistakes are being made. Legal Aid solicitors are under pressure from all angles and often are not able to provide the service required to fight for someones innocence.


As a leading firm of Criminal Appeals Solicitors we see a lot of people who come to us after their first, disappointing, experience of the criminal justice system. They feel strongly that no one listened to them, no one gave them a chance to speak up for their relative and now they are left to try and pick up the pieces.  


If your relative is in prison for a crime they did not commit you will want to know you have done everything you can to get them out. You may want a second opinion just to put your mind at ease. You will want a criminal appeal solicitor who understands how important this is to you. You want to feel they are taking it seriously not just going through the process. You may have been advised by the barrister who conducted the case that there are no grounds for appeal, but you may still want someone independent to review the case fully.


If you or your relative has been found guilty in the magistrates court then you have an automatic right of appeal. If you just feel that the result was unfair then you can have another go and make sure you, or they,  are properly defended this time.


If you or your relative has been convicted in the Crown Court then you will need to show that there was an error or you will need to find new evidence.


We can help. We are a bespoke law firm dedicated to providing the right solution for you. We don’t do Legal Aid. We dedicate our time to helping people for whom the matter is so important that they want to go private.


We understand how important this is to you and your family. We will work with you and our team of expert barristers to ensure that everything possible is done to get justice for you and your family.


We will meet with you to get your side of the story, we will then obtain the papers and review them to see whether there were any errors. We will then look to see whether there is any additional evidence we can put on your behalf to get the matter re heard.


Time is of the essence for criminal appeals, so contact us today.


For an initial review of your case call us on 01623 397200