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Bestiality Solicitors: Intercourse With An Animal


Do you need bestiality solicitors for an allegation of intercourse with an animal?


Forrest Williams can help.


Bestiality is a serious offence under The Sexual Offences Act 2003.


It is an offence for a man to intentionally penetrate the vagina or anus of a living animal with his penis if he knows that that is what he is penetrating or is reckless about whether it is or not.


It is also an offence for a person to allow their own vagina or anus to be penetrated by the penis of a living animal.


A person can be charged with attempted intercourse with an animal as well as or instead of the full offence.  Sexual activity not specifically classified as bestiality could be charged as offences relating to cruelty to animals.


There does not appear to be a law against either penetrating or being penetrated by the penis of a dead animal.


Aggravating factors to be considered by bestiality solicitors would include the taking of any photographs or videos of the acts of bestiality, and the distribution of these.


Historic allegations of bestiality were charged as buggery.


If you are charged with bestiality, your case can be heard in the magistrates’ court or the crown court.  This offence carries a maximum penalty of up to two years in prison.


As specialist bestiality solicitors, we can guide you throughout every stage of your case.


It is important that you seek expert help from bestiality solicitors as soon as possible.  Do not wait to be charged.


If you are being investigated by the police, we can make full representations to them to try to avoid the matter ending up in the court system.  If you have already been charged, we can help you build a defence or conduct damage limitation if you wish to plead guilty.


Our expert team of bestiality solicitors are ready to help.  Call us now on 0800 1933 999.