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What Are Courts Martials?


Courts Martials are the military’s disciplinary system. They are a completely separate criminal justice system and can try you for criminal offences if you are a regular, reserve or territorial member of the Armed Services, Army, Navy or Air Force.


If you are due to be tried by a Courts Martial, you are entitled to be represented by a lawyer of your choice.


Forrest Williams are one of the few firms who have great experience in this area of law. We have attended Courts Martial hearings around the world.


There are three types of Court Martial:


  • District Court Martial – this type of Court Martial has limited sentencing powers and can only impose a maximum sentence of two years’ imprisonment. A minimum of three Officers sit and hear the cases.
  • General Court Martial – this type of Court Martial features a minimum of five Officers hearing the case and does not have limited sentencing powers
  • Field General Court Martial – this type of Court Martial is held in times of active service and can allow exceptions that the other Courts Martials cannot hear in peace time


If you are the subject of a Courts Martial, it is vital that you seek independent legal advice immediately. Our specialist team are available 24/7 on our emergency line. Call us now on 01623 600645.