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police station representation


Police Station Representation


Police station representation is free for everyone under the Duty Solicitor scheme, so why would you want to pay?


Free isn’t always best. 


As the only law firm in the UK providing pro-active Formal Representations to the police before charge, we have an excellent record of getting cases dropped at the police station stage. 


Recent successes include:


Mr D was accused of indecent exposure.  Our pro-active involvement provided the Crown Prosecution Service with a realistic alternative explanation for the allegation.  No Further Action was taken against our client.


Mr S was accused of two separate allegations of rape.  Our representations provided a credible motive for the false allegations.  No Further Action was taken against our client.


Mr H was a vulnerable teenage boy accused of rape of a child.  Our focused efforts were able to secure No Further Action being taken against our client.


The Duty Solicitor scheme is a rota.  Each day, a different local solicitor is on call to attend to anyone who asks for their assistance in the police station.  They will arrive as soon as they can (bearing in mind they may well already be helping someone else) with no advance knowledge of your case. 


Police Station representation with Forrest Williams is different.


We become involved at the earliest possible opportunity, and work proactively on your behalf.


We will take a full statement from you, and any relevant witnesses, before your interview.  We will make formal requests for time sensitive evidence to be preserved (this isn’t automatically done – take action after you’ve been charged and much helpful evidence will already have been deleted!).  


We will use our team of high-ranking former police officers to undertake investigative work, where necessary.


We will liaise with the officer in your case and make them well aware of our involvement.  We will request (and usually receive!) full disclosure from them before the interview, allowing you to review this with us and respond to it before attending for interview.


We will represent you at the police station and advise you whether to answer questions, proceed via no comment, or provide a prepared written statement.  


And we will make formal written representations presenting your case.


The police have a duty to include these representations with the file of evidence they pass to the prosecution service.  And the prosecution service have a duty to consider these representations when making a decision as to whether to charge you or take no further action against you.


Best case scenario?  The case against you is dropped before you are even charged.


Worse case scenario?  You’re charged but time-sensitive and vital preparation work has already been done.


We do not know of any other firms offering such an in-depth level of police station representation, and our work in this field is changing lives.


Take Mr S, for example.


Mr S had never been in trouble with the police before, and suddenly found himself accused of not one, but two, allegations of rape against two separate women on different occasions.  Most people would see that situation and believe there is no smoke without fire.  But we listened to Mr S’s version of events, his complete denial of the allegations, and advised him to allow us to build his case without delay.


We worked extensively with Mr S, and were delighted that the decision was taken to take no further action against him in relation to either allegation.  The officer in the case told Mr S that that decision was made specifically because of our representations to them.


Mr S was, of course, delighted.


Only afterwards did he share that he hadn’t really expected our involvement to be successful, but that he was willing to try.  He revealed that, actually, he had fully expected that he would be charged, and that he would be convicted because of the serious nature of the allegations and the fact that there were two allegations against him.  He shared, in an emotional conversation, that he had already decided how he would end his life when he was sentenced to time in prison.


Luckily for Mr S, he was pro-active and took control of the situation, allowing our expert team to provide him with the highest level of police station representation.


Can you afford not to invest in our police station representation?


For a free chat to see whether you would be better paying for added representation rather than using the Duty Solicitor scheme, call 0800 1933 999.