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Criminal Offence To Fail To Protect Child Sexual Exploitation

Criminal Sanctions For Those Who Fail To Protect From Child Sexual Exploitation


The Prime Minister, David Cameron, has today announced plans to extend the new criminal offence of wilful neglect. This offence will seek to protect against child sexual exploitation and will make those responsible for failures to protect, guilty of a criminal offence.


These plans are part of the national response to damning reports that found systematic institutional failings in Rotherham and other places where child sexual exploitation was found to be prevalent.


Local agencies such as councils have been found to have dismissed concerns and failed to give adequate responses to massive scale child sexual exploitation.


Child sexual abuse has now been given the status of a national threat in the Strategic Policing Requirement, meaning it is prioritized by every police force nationally.


Forrest Williams have concern about the plans to hold people including teachers and social workers responsible for child sexual exploitation that they had no awareness of or involvement in.


Steve Williams says, “It seems that these plans are being made in response to public outcry due to enormous failings that are systematic. While these failings are completely unacceptable, and allowed horrendous acts to be done to children, this does not mean that the correct response is to hold individual people responsible for actions they are neither aware of nor involved in.”


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