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Recognised Leader in Criminal Law – AI Legal Awards 2016

leader in criminal law


Recognised Leader in Criminal Law – AI Legal Awards 2016


Forrest Williams are delighted to be recognised as the Leader in Criminal Law by AI Legal Awards 2016.


This recognition comes part way through a great year for us as a firm with a high number of our cases being resolved successfully either before formal charge or at trial.  Our recent success stories include many cases of sexual offences, frauds and violence offences.


Our team routinely advise people on all aspects of criminal law while following our firm ethos of always providing honest advice and  excellent client care.  We are knowledgeable in all areas of criminal law. 


Our clients frequently transfer to us from Legal Aid firms, realising that our private firm can offer a truly bespoke service perfect for their individual needs.  We are used to supporting not only clients, but also our clients’ families, through the ordeal of criminal trials.  That can include simple touches like sending updates by group eMails to the whole family, or larger gestures like organising a case worker to attend Court hearings simply to sit with and support the family. 


We pride ourselves on  recognising that every case, and every client, is different.  We have no standard approaches to cases, assessing each case entirely on its own merits and the unique needs of each individual client.  We were recently instructed by the father of a defendant facing a charge of sexual assault. 


At the end of the case the father, who lives on the other side of the world and was understandably anxious throughout the proceedings and waited desperately for each update from us, said: 


“Thank you for all your help throughout this difficult time. Our only real comfort was knowing you were representing him. Your kind and considerate attitude along with your attention to detail and professionalism was simply outstanding.”


If you are looking for a legal firm that is a leader in criminal law, call our team now on 01623 397200.


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