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Conditional Discharge for Common Assault

Conditional Discharge For Common Assault


Forrest Williams were delighted to secure a conditional discharge for a client charged with common assault recently.


Mr Andrews instructed us following an alleged incidence of domestic violence involving his ex-partner. The allegations against Mr Andrews were serious and involved threatening and potentially harming his ex-partner with a knife.


Mr Andrews was a man of good character who did not accept his ex-partner’s version of events.


He was made aware that the sentencing guidelines for common assault did include a custodial risk, and the use or threatened use of a weapon would immediately make the matter an aggravated attack, which they would sentence more harshly.


Mr Andrews was represented by a very skilled female barrister who was carefully selected due to the sensitive nature of the case. If you are faced with a charge following an alleged domestic violence incident, the correct representative in court is absolutely vital.


In Court, Mr Andrews’ ex-partner gave inconsistent evidence when being cross-examined by our barrister, while Mr Andrews’ evidence was consistent and credible.


The Court ruled that they did not believe the extent of the ex-partner’s allegations, and as such limited sentencing to comprise a conditional discharge. This means that whilst Mr Andrews was convicted of the offence, no sentence was passed against him.


You can read more about conditional discharges here.


It was an excellent result for Mr Andrews, who was delighted and incredibly grateful for all of the support that Forrest Williams gave him throughout the case.


We were touched to receive a thank you card and chocolates from Mr Andrews at the end of his case, and will keep in touch with him in the future.


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