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Possession of a Knife Sentence Powers Increase – 17 July 2015

possession of knife offences

New Sentencing For Possession of Knife Offences from 17 July 2015
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As from 17 July 2015, anyone convicted of a second or subsequent offence of possession of a knife will face a minimum sentence of 6 months in prison, with a maximum sentence of 4 years’ imprisonment.  A minimum sentence of 4 months’ imprisonment for young offenders applies.


This is a clear attempt to deter repeat offenders and is expected to lead to an additional 1,000 custodial sentences being imposed each year across England and Wales.


It is important, however, to note that other sentences can still be imposed if the Court feel that a 6 month custodial sentence would be unjust.  It is therefore more vital than ever to ensure that you have expert representation if charged with a second or subsequent possession of a knife offence.



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