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Solicitors Help Before Charge

solicitors help before charge


Solicitors Help Before Charge


Are you currently under investigation but do not yet know whether you will be charged?


Plenty of solicitors will tell you “don’t worry” and “wait and see”, but what if you are worried and you don’t want to sit back without taking action?  What if you want a solicitors help before charge?


We can help you with the unknown.


Parminder was terrified when her two sons were involved in a scuffle with some fellow spectators at a rugby match. They were arrested and then released on bail while it would be decided by the Prosecution whether or not her sons would be charged with assault.


She had been told by other firms not to panic and wait and see what the outcome would be. Parminder didn’t want to wait: her sons were terrified after being innocently caught up in a fight whilst trying to leave the venue. Nobody in the family had ever been arrested before and they were unfamiliar with the process and scared of the unknown.  Parminder and her family needed solicitors help before charge, but her pleas were being ignored by other firms.


Instead of turning Parminder away like other solicitors had previously, we told her “we can help”. Instead of seeing her cries for assistance as unnecessary because we as a Legal Firm are familiar with the process, we did what we do for every client: we put ourselves in their shoes and provided the bespoke solicitors help before charge that they needed.


We arranged with Parminder and her sons to meet with one of our experienced criminal barristers to answer any queries and provide a step by step guide on how the process works and what to expect. The assurance was exactly what the family needed.


Whilst Parminder’s family were waiting for a bail date we liaised with the officers in charge of the case and due to our persistence and determination we were able to get the case dropped with no further action taken against the boys.


Parminder’s sons now have no criminal record due to Forrest Williams’ proactive approach.


If you are currently being investigated by police please give us a call on 01623 397200.


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