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Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 – Sentencing Changes


New sentencing measures to take effect on 13 April 2015


When the Criminal Justice and Courts Act 2015 takes effect next month, tougher sentencing measures, new criminal offences and a more balanced judicial review system will come into force.


Changes in the law will include:-


  • Increased prison terms for serious crimes such as certain terrorism offences and internet trolling;
  • Anyone who kills a police or prison officer in the line of duty faces spending the rest of their life behind bars; and
  • An end to the automatic release of those jailed for child rape and serious terrorism offences half-way through their prison sentence.


New offences coming into force include:-


  • Revenge pornography;
  • Causing serious injury by driving while disqualified; and
  • Remaining unlawfully at large following a recall from licence.


The Act also reduces the burden of the costs of courts on taxpayers by making criminals pay towards the cost of their court cases.


Another change is that reforms will be introduced which will balance the judicial review system so justice is done but unmerited, costly and time-wasting applications no longer stifle progress.


The Act received Royal Assent on 12 February and commencement orders have now been made.


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