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Sentencing For Possession of Knife Offences

possession of knife offences

Sentencing Trends For Possession of Knife Offences.
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Sentencing Trends Show Importance of Investing In Specialist Representation


Between January and March 2015, while the number of people charged with possession of knife offences was fairly stable compared to previous periods (showing a gradual increase), sentencing trends are alarming.


Just 10% of adult offenders received cautions, which is the lowest level since 2007, while suspended sentences continue to be imposed at an increasing rate.  Offenders are 22% more likely to receive a suspended custodial sentence than they were just a year ago.


Juvenile offenders are more likely to receive immediate custodial sentences than they have been in previous months.


The criminal justice system continues to deal with a high number of possession of knife offences, with a total of 4,117 offences recorded in this period.  This number is steadily increasing.


The most common sentence imposed for possession of knife offences is an immediate custodial sentence.


These are serious cases and it is vital that your case is thoroughly reviewed to discover whether you may have a defence to the case.  Failing that, a strong mitigation case prepared by specialist solicitors will increase your chances of obtaining a lenient sentence.



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