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Remand Solicitors: Specialist Solicitors For Your Loved Ones

remand solicitors


Remand Solicitors: Specialist Solicitors When Your Loved One Is on Remand


Do you need remand solicitors to help with a legal case your loved one is facing?  Whether your loved one has an ongoing case, or wants to Appeal, we can help.


Just because they’re entitled to Legal Aid doesn’t mean they don’t deserve better.


Forrest Williams is a specialist private criminal defence firm, where every caseworker is dedicated to going above and beyond to help their clients, and not stick to guidelines or timeframes that the government sets out for Legal Aid firms.


In a recent case, James’ family were overwhelmed with his several criminal offences – he had three upcoming court cases and a Legal Aid firm representing him.


James and his family wanted him home, and needed to make sure that these cases were as prepared as could be in order to keep his time in custody as low as possible. James’ dad called me, concerned that James’ current solicitor was not interested in helping and that the cases were sat with no work being done.


James’ family were told “we won’t speak to you about this case because James is the client, not you”, but James, stuck in custody with nobody from the firm visiting him or keeping him updated, was just as clueless as to what help he was getting. Nobody had been to visit him or keep him updated.


Until he instructed Forrest Williams.


Within twenty four hours of being instructed to take over James’ case, I had arranged a prison visit to speak to James and get full instructions, and explain to him exactly how we were going to help and what preparation would be going on “behind the scenes” while he awaited his hearing date.  We visited him a further three times and constantly updated him via letter. We also made sure his parents were kept in the loop.


Our hand-picked barrister was instructed to represent James at all his hearings so he would have a familiar face when attending court directly from custody.


My constant liaison with the prosecution outside of court, and the barrister’s determination inside the court, meant that we were able to secure the most favourable outcome for James.


Yesterday was James’ final hearing. He was potentially facing up to a further to 5 years in custody. Because of our pro-active and bespoke service as remand solicitors, James will be released in 8 days.


As you can imagine James and his family were overjoyed with the service Forrest Williams were able to provide and won’t hesitate to recommend us to anyone who may need our services. 


If you need the best remand solicitors for one of your loved ones, call our expert team now on 01623 397200.


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