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Sex Offender Registration Appeals

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Katie Forrest


Sex Offender Registration Appeals


Many people do not realise that it is possible for convicted Sex Offenders to appeal against their registration requirements, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling.


Sex offenders are able to appeal against the requirement for them to remain on the Sex Offenders Register for life.


Sex offenders are able to Appeal 15 years’ after completing their custodial sentence. 


This ruling does not mean that sex offenders can automatically be removed from the register at this time, it simply gives an opportunity to review whether the need to register is still required and lawful. 


The Supreme Court declared that to deny offenders the right to appeal was incompatible with their human rights.


This ruling has caused some controversy but if you are a convicted sex offender wishing to Appeal the requirement for you to be on the Sex Offenders Register for the rest of your life, you are entitled to ask for a review.


Forrest Williams can help you prepare your case for review and guide you through the evidence and preparation to maximise your chances of successfully Appealing this requirement.


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