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The Cases We Refuse To Accept

Katie Forrest of Forrest Williams

Katie Forrest of Forrest Williams


As a specialist criminal defence law firm offering private representation, and not conducting any Legal Aid work, Forrest Williams pride ourselves on only accepting cases that we feel strongly about.


We frequently turn down cases because we are not prepared to conduct certain types of work.


A recent example of this was Mr W, who contacted us looking for assistance in relation to a charge of sexual activity with a family member.


We are very proud to defend people charged with sexual offences.


Mr W, however, accepted the allegation and was not remorseful.  He could not understand why he was in trouble for having sex with his daughter, as she had allowed him to.  He explained that she was being treated as a vulnerable person because of mental health problems, but that he had also been through difficult times.


Mr W had several previous convictions for sexual offences, and had a similar reason why each of these were not really his fault despite him accepting every single one of the allegations made against him.


I informed Mr W that I was unable to take on his case, despite his assurances that money was no object and he would pay whatever fee I set.


Accepting sexual offence cases was a decision we did not make lightly.


We decided to assist people charged with sexual offences because we feel that, perhaps more than any other defendants, these people need a defence team who will fight passionately for them.


We are proud to accept many sexual offence cases, and provide a real support for clients and their families through awful periods.


We are also proud to have set boundaries, and to turn away some sexual offence cases, where defendants accept guilt and show no remorse.




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