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Royal Mail Worker Stole £50,000 in Theft From Employer Case

Royal Mail worker stole £50,000 in overtime scam


Royal Mail Worker Stole £50,000 in Fake Overtime Scam


A Royal Mail worker who stole over £50,000 from his employers over a 5 year period in an overtime scam has been given a suspended prison sentence.


Kevin Dunn admitted taking the money to help ease financial pressures his family were experiencing due to mounting debt issues.


Mr Dunn was described as being deeply ashamed and remorseful and agreed to sign over his pension to repay the sum.


He is a man of previous good character who obtained leniency from the court, despite the seriousness of dishonesty offences such as theft from employer.


A suspended prison sentence is an option available to the court when a prison sentence is clearly advisable, but where the court wish to offer the defendant leniency. A prison sentence term is decided, in this case one of 18 months, but the sentence is suspended. This means that the defendant is not taken into custody, and will not have to serve the custodial sentence, unless they commit further offences during the period of the suspended sentence.


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