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Criminal Defence Blog

Criminal Solicitors Aren’t Just For Court

Here at Forrest Williams, we are proud to offer a bespoke service for all clients.


While Legal Aid firms are limited in terms of the type, and amount, of services they can provide, one of the many benefits of instructing a private firm such as Forrest Williams is that we can offer the exact type and amount of assistance that your case requires.


This can include preparing your case before you have been formally charged, something that is a very worthwhile investment especially when you are at risk of being charged with a serious offence.  This preparation work, and specialist representation at police station interview, is a great pro-active approach to take to give yourself the chance of avoiding a formal charge being laid against you.


Similarly, instructing a criminal defence solicitor to prepare a case and represent you can assist with many other situations, including meetings with HMRC, County Council offices, the RAF, Army or Navy, and other organisations.  Our regulatory law department also assist with all regulatory and disciplinary matters.


Additionally, and particularly regarding allegations of fraud, you may be asked to provide information in writing or attend meetings with various organisations such as Gateley Solicitors or FRP before any formal proceedings begin.  In serious cases like this, it would be a real error to wait until formal proceedings were instigated before seeking legal help.


Our advice if you are being investigated for a criminal offence is to be pro-active.  An investment of time and money in the early stages of your case can save you much larger amounts of time and money by avoiding the case progressing.


A recent example of this was a client who instructed us to begin building his defence before he was formally charged with two counts of possessing firearms.  Due to the in depth preparation that had been completed during the initial, crucial days immediately after the alleged offences took place, we were able to secure the withdrawal of these charges against our client without the time and expense of a full trial.  Naturally, our client was delighted.


To see how our bespoke services can help you, call us for a free discussion on 01623 600645.


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