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whiplash fraud solicitorsWhiplash Fraud Solicitors


Whiplash fraud is a hot topic currently, as the government continues to announce further reforms for the handling of personal injury claims and assessment.  While this area is under the spotlight, whiplash claims are being reviewed and the criminal justice system has shown its willingness to become involved to help curb whiplash fraud.


A West Midlands man was recently jailed for making false statements in a £15,000 claim.


Whiplash fraud cases are likely to be charged as fraud by false representations.


Charges of fraud by false representation are laid when a person is alleged to have made a false representation dishonestly, knowing that the representation was or might be untrue or misleading, with intent to make a gain for himself or another, to cause loss to another or to expose another to risk of loss.  It is important to note that a gain or loss does not have to occur, it being intended is sufficient.


It is important to note that a representation can include omissions, for example an omission to mention certain pieces of information, and can also include a failure to correct a false impression after a change in circumstances. 


A representation is “false” if it is untrue or misleading and the person making the representation knows that it is, or could be, untrue or misleading.


Your behaviour will be judged based on whether it would be considered dishonest by the standards of regular, reasonable and honest people.


As whiplash fraud solicitors, we review the evidence against you and pro-actively prepare your case to either build your strongest defence or gather mitigation for you.


Whiplash fraud, charged as fraud by false representations, carries a maximum sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment.


It is vital that, if you are being investigated for whiplash fraud, you get the experts on your side at the earliest possible opportunity.  Our whiplash fraud solicitors are here to help on 01623 397200.


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